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Staying financially ready during and after the Coronavirus

Why does the virus affect my wallet? We are in the midst of a global epidemic. The COVID-19 causing SARS-CoV2 virus, better known as Coronavirus has forced many countries into lockdown, thereby restricting the mobility of people. Being confined indoors has affected the economics of many ventures, companies, and even countries with the global GDP predictions being slashed for 2020 and 2021.
Many industries - like catering, hospitality, travel, insurance, and medicine are affected severely - with people working long hours, being prone to burning out, and even being laid off.  These trends have severely affected the stock market, with almost all indices falling quickly.
This affects millions of people - their retirement accounts, investments for goals and even their monthly incomes. Additionally, affected people would need to tap into their savings to get by or to pay their medical bills.

5 things I am doing:1. Health is the first priority Staying safe and healthy should be an absolute …